The Impact Of Solar Power On The Economy Essay

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The Recovery Act has been extremely instrumental in the recovery of solar power and expanding its technologies among the manufacturers in the US. Wind power showed to be a prosperous industry with sales in the billions at the end of 2008. Solar power rejuvenated the market for natural energy. At the same time, the people paid less for electricity. It was a win-win situation for everyone concerned.

Because of this emergence in manufacturing wind power, offshore developments are generating a multitude of renewable energy. This is likely done at a fraction of the cost of other renewable energies, although solar power yields less than one percent of the world 's electric power source. The potential is greater offshore as opposed to land operations to produce the quality of decentralized energy that is needed to continue recovery and significant growth.

Solar Power and Today 's Technologies
By staying competitive, the US incorporates both offshore and land bases projects to stimulate the economy, create jobs and to advance innovative techniques. The US is leading the nation in the wind market through its relentless research, manufacturing policies and incentives. The results are critical improvements that have become revolutionary. The wind industry and the Energy Department work tirelessly to provide clean air and clean energy.

The next generation of people will play a large role in clean energy diversification. Renewable wind energy, solar power, and…

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