The Impact Of Social Media On The World Today Essay

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To see the importance of social media has impacted the world today, one must look at the History, Impact, Internet use, Use of technology, and the Future.
Social media all started with the internet boom. By the time the 1980’s rolled around, more and more people started buying home computers, which made social media more practical (Hendricks). Six Degrees was the first social media site. (Hendricks). It was constructed in 1997 (Hendricks). It made it so the occupier could make a profile and make new friends (Hendricks). Other sites included would be,, and (The History). was established in 1997 (The History). later followed in 1999 (The History). Both of these sites still exist today (The History). With the launch of, social media hit its mark in 2002 (The History). The social media creators advertised the idea the a wealthy network society can live between citizens who truly have a connection (The History). Just after a year of its release, Friendster had more than three million enrolled users (The History). made and apperance in 2003 (The History). Linkedln was a site made mostly for business workers so they can contact other business workers (The History). In 2014, Linkedln held more than 297 million users enrolled (The History). The other social media site that also launched in 2003 was (The History). MySpace was very popular in…

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