The Impact Of Social Media On The Workplace Essay

1564 Words Nov 23rd, 2016 7 Pages
Employers are facing new challenges when it comes to monitoring the social media accounts of their employees. Social media has forever changed the way people communicate with one another. For employers, online postings have complicated how they interact with job applicants and current employees. For hospitality employers it is crucial to understand that having employees maintain a professional persona online can be beneficial, but that there are many risks associated with this practice. As social media platforms continue to grow it becomes a more controversial topic within the hospitality industry with increasing laws and policies in place to protect both the employer and the employee. The controversy only further complicates the question of whether or not an employer is violating an employee’s privacy when monitoring social media. For an employer, it is important to ensure that job applicants are truthful about their work history and that current employees maintain a respectable persona outside of the workplace. This gives many employers the urge to do a quick Google search of their staff. When searching for candidates and employees online, it is not uncommon for various social media sites to be at the top of the results list. Today, nearly everyone is sharing all aspects of their lives on social media and creating professional portfolios online in order to connect with others.
However, as an employer there are certain risks that are associated with combing through…

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