Essay The Impact Of Social Media On Society

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Although many may haven’t recognized the impact social media has made in many of our lives, social media has in fact impacted and influenced society as a whole. Social media is being used more and more each day, and now things that we did ourselves are now accomplished through social media. For instance, telling a loved one “Happy Birthday” what is social media doing to our society? More importantly how has the influence of social media impacted the way that we do our jobs, or our jobs as a whole? Social media has affected our society in more ways than one, but the most prominent way is how our news and world information is received. Is it time for news to evolve or people as a whole?
One may say how has social media affected the news industry? Well think back to recent elections or information on wars where did you receive a lot of your news? Many would say social media outlets like Twitter or Facebook. Although individuals are still receiving some of their news from TV news many are now putting down the newspapers, and either going to the television or the computer for their information. Newspaper sales began to decline in the year 1990. And newspapers in the country have encountered a steady decline of 1 percent each year. Therefore newspaper companies that are still in business are making drastic cuts in their companies.
So one may ask, “why does this matter?” Or, “how does this affect society?” Well think of it logically in terms of many jobs being lost. Which leads to…

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