Essay about The Impact Of Social Media On Society

1734 Words Nov 17th, 2016 7 Pages
In recent years, we have experienced a huge change in how we communicate with family and our significant others. There have been many modifications that have been made to our communication throughout the years. In the past, the only option being by simply talking to family face to face, to the introduction of the telephone. Then with the induction of the internet, which absolutely changed communication, by completely mediating it. This took society by storm, by making it a popular means of communication. Now it is more likely for us to use mediated communication than the old fashion face to face communication. In addition, with the creation of social media, we have seen it have a huge impact on society. Social media has given us the ability to stay in tune with the world as well as the ability to connect with it. With these features, social media has changed the communication in relationships. There have been many critics on social media, which say that it has affected our communication negatively, especially the communication between our family and significant others. But like any other subject matter, there are two sides to the argument. On the other hand, there are those that say that it has affected us for the best. Whether from being family or intimate relationships, it can be safely assumed that social media has had an effect on our relationships, but however, with research and data it is evident that the positive effects have outweighed the negative effects.


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