Essay on The Impact Of Social Media On Children 's Mental Health

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The Impact of Social Media: What Role does it play on a Child’s Mental Health?
Social media has taken over the entire world in a large way. Social media Web sites, such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, have become basic regimes of day to day modern life, particularly for kids. Most kids have an account for each social media site. That means having three to four accounts to check multiple times a day. What is the mental effect of checking these social media accounts daily? Being on these social media sites can be detrimental to a child’s mental health in numerous ways from cyberbullying, leading to depression, anxiety, and insomnia.
Thousands of children as young as five are suffering from depression. Experts said modern childhoods are becoming increasingly stressful, with pressures from social media and cyber-bullying. (Donnelly, Laura. "Steep Rise in Children Suffering Depression.") The kids using Facebook or other social media sites are at a greater risk of suffering from the hate speeches displayed on social media websites. This problem can be more serious for the girls and the children belonging to the minorities and communities that are discriminated against. In online interactions, people with unknown identities may easily indulge in hateful speech, otherwise known as cyberbullying, or disrespectful behavior. On the other hand if children are speaking face to face they think twice. (“10 Negative Effects Of Social Media On Children And Teenagers”) In the past…

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