Essay on The Impact Of Social Media On Business Marketing

793 Words Nov 14th, 2016 4 Pages
Although the phenomenon still in its youth, social media has been a revolutionary medium for business marketing since first created. The connectivity of consumer to product is untouched by that of the traditional mediums, being television and radio. Where social media separates itself is it allows transparency and trueness of a product through direct communication. If utilized correctly, businesses can create trust and reciprocity quicker than ever; doing so through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. These four platforms allow for communication to flow directly between the customer and seller, as well as other consumers of the product. The aspect of consumer to consumer is even more important than direct communication with the business, in most cases. This process is simply word-of-mouth marketing. Ask any business owner, and most will agree upon the fact that this is the most effective form of marketing; that is if it is utilized correctly. All four sites have their own unique qualities, meaning they differ in strengths and weaknesses. It is the recognition of these facets that make a successful marketing platform. For this assignment, I will suppose that my boss has ordered me to utilize the application Snapchat for a promotion campaign. As a clothing company, we are very active across the various social media sites. This activity will be the driving factor behind our campaign, but how will the Snapchat promotion actually work? It begins by…

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