The Impact Of Social Media And Social Networking

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1.What is social media?

l Social Network Service l It is service which socializes and exchanges information with others on the internet

2. What kinds of social media are there?

l Instagram l Kakaotalk l Wechat these 2, as well as Whatsapp, are not Social Media. They’re not a network like Facebook that is a platform for social interaction. There is a difference between ‘Social Media’ and ‘Social Networking’. Whatsapp, Kakaotalk and Wechat fall under Social Networking. However, you can include these as an extension of the Social Media Platform since they change the way we communicate. l Facebook l Youtube l Tumblr

l Snapchat l Twitter l Etc

3.The impact of sns on society

l SNS has naturally become a part of our lives.
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6. Relationships

but you can end up hiding from each other even as we are all constantly connected to each other

positive : Easily communicate with friends and family
Stay in touch with people who live far away

SNS is a powerful mean of communication that is easy to network, which allows existing relationships to become more intimate and to connect with strangers. The SNS effectively expands, shapes and strengthens modern human relationships.

negative :

Can SNS warm our minds as much as the conversation that faces SNS face to face?
Numerous people live in a world where they can connect with friends of the virtual world more broadly, whenever they want with sns. However, some people become more immersed in sns and suffer from greater loneliness and isolation. Can SNS really enrich human relationships?

It does not guarantee the qualitative growth of human relations. The relationship of the sns is formal and shallow. It's all a click to make a friend in SNS. So, even if there are minor differences in opinion, you can always break the relationship. Therefore, it is difficult to network through the SNS to develop into a true
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It is the case that others express their sense of relative deprivation by using it in a way that it is too much for oneself to express oneself, the real ones are not in them, and they want to be confirmed that they are social and economic superior. comparative deprivation The use of this formula was often fed by Internet users, with data being turned around and distorted due to the nature of the Internet, which was not intended. Due to the nature of the Internet, data that has been spread once can be left in the lifetime, which can lead to privacy

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