The Impact Of Social Identity On The Development Of Personal Identity

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In the study of Society and Culture, socialisation is the process by which we learn to become members of society, by incorporating the norms and values of society and learning to perform social roles. There have been numerous controversies as to how continuity and/or change have impacted the development of personal and social identity in individuals. Family and Kinship, and School as well as are agents of socialization that are believed to influence the development of personal and social identity. Personal identity is the concept you develop about yourself that evolves over the course of your life, where as social identity is a person’s sense of which they are based on their group membership(s) for example family, friends, social class etc. I have conducted a twenty question questionnaire, interviewing 18 people 9 of my generation and 9 from generation x and y about how their own family, kinship and school culture have changed or impacted the development of their personal and social identity. I am required to use my data from my survey in order to answer the extent that this continuity and change impacts the development of personal and social identity in individuals.

Kinship and family ties may be defined through genetic relationships, adoption, or other ritualized behavior such as marriage and household economies. Kinship systems range in size from a single, nuclear-family to tribal or intertribal relationships.

One of the questions I asked about Kinship that had quite…

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