The Impact Of Social Class On Society Essay

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The Impact in Life: Social Class In the United States, there are many levels of social class. There is the upper class, upper medium class, medium class, and the low class. These levels of social class represent different levels of life styles, norms, and values within the people in the social class. However, many people in the United States deny the fact that there are social classes; this is because if social classes where recognized that it exists then it would take the ability to think of the United States as an equal country (McIntyre 2014). Even though the denial of social class with in the United States is a big issue people still segregate themselves from everyone and joins there social class group simply because they are more comfortable; this is usually done unconsciously. However, there are many ways of defining social classes, social class also influences culture and determines the amount of opportunity’s in life one as a person has. There are many different types of ways to define social class, one way is the norms within the society and values and beliefs. The norms within an upper class are very different from the norms within the lower class. The upper class are much more formal and need to maintain their appearances within society; in addition, according to the documentary “People Like Us”, knowing what certain objects are, knowing where to stand in a conversation, etc. Is very important (Alvarez and Kolker 2001). Another way is to define social class is…

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