Essay on The Impact Of Small Businesses On The Environment

1103 Words Nov 28th, 2015 null Page
Small businesses would greatly benefit Karenslope for a plethora of reasons, more so than any other idea presented at the town hall meeting. All other options either harm Karenslope in some way or another, or do nothing to make it better. Small businesses are locally run, provide jobs, and do very little environmental damage.
While clear-cutting around Karenslope would result in many jobs and economic benefits, the nature and biodiversity around Karenslope would be devastated to a point past return. For that reason alone MacMillan-Bloedel should not have access to Karenslope’s woods. Firstly, clear-cutting has many negative side-effects to the environment, such as loss of habitat for many woodland creatures as well as the death of many marine animals due to elevation in stream temperatures. If wood is cut close to a river, shade is removed and the temperature of the river elevates. This change in temperate, however small, causes native plants, fish, and amphibians to die out. Studies have shown that clear-cutting has already resulted in the extinction of some fish species. Clear-cutting destroys habitat for numerous animal species, forcing them to seek out new habitats. This often proves difficult as the surrounding areas may also be clear cut or be part of civilization, just as Karenslope is. As a result, animals are either forced into interactions with humans that never end well for either participant, or they fail to adapt and die off. Both results will destroy what…

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