The Impact Of Slavery On The America Essay

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The Impact of Slavery in the America’s In the 15th Century Christopher Columbus was desperate to start his travel to the Indies. Although Columbus had done lots of planning, he needed funding in order to start his voyage. He went to the Portuguese, Italians, and the Spanish, but he was rejected from each country except Spain. Columbus did not get money right away because Spain was in a war with France and surrounding enemies. When Columbus discovered the America’s he called the people Indians, but little did he know that the land he was on was the New World. When the Europeans began to get messages of the discovered land, they changed their priorities and began to send their armies to conquest the land. In the time period of inquisition and colonizing the America’s slavery began to promote. Indentured servants were the initial act before slavery became popular. The Sugar commerce increasingly grew the slave trade. Slavery was predominantly held different in the Caribbean than in modern day South United States. The Spanish treated the slaves like people were as the British treated them like property. Indentured servants were “settlers who signed up on for a temporary period of servitude to a master in exchange for passage to the New World.” (Shi Tindall pg.68) Indentured servants were mostly Europeans or British who were wanting to pay off their voyage with work then buy themselves some land and offer voyage to other Europeans. That method of labor became a problem very…

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