Environmental Impacts Of Rhino Poaching

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The impact of rhino poaching in Southern Africa is reviewed. This impact rises from the illegal hunting, killing and the removal of horns of the rhinoceros species. These horns are traded in the black market (illegal trade) to criminals who also trade them in different countries. People believe that the horns are able to cure ailments while others use them for drug abuse. According to the International Unit of Conservation of Nature (IUCN) the effective poaching of rhinos has reduced the population from 70000 in 1970 to 20000 in 2015 around the globe. There are a lot of conservation stories about rhinos, talks about legalizing the trade of their horns to increase their population and the fight to stop the extinctions of these animals. Rhinos …show more content…
More organizations have been developed that support endangered rhinos around Africa as well as Asia such as: Save the Rhino, Big Life Foundation, Hluhluwe Imfolozi Park, Sumatran Rhino Sanctuary etc. The conservation organizations are all about protecting the rhino population, raising funds to help those that have had the horns removed. In order to stop rhinos being poached, more equipped rangers are deployed, there is a constant tracking of each animals movement patterns, more people are being educated about the environment and the essentials of these animals. They also manage the growth of the rhino population, translocation and introduction to captive breeding.
There are numerous debates about dehorning, private land owners think it a good way to prevent the animal from being extinct by removing what poachers are after but wildlife expects are worried that by removing the horn they are removing the distinguishing feature of the animal which expects fear it will have an emotional effect on the animal and they will not be able to deal will the resultants. Legalizing the rhino horn trade system is ongoing and there are a number of requirements so they can verify the safety of these

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