The Impact Of Religion On Australian Society Essay

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Australian society has been influenced by religion of the British First Fleet since the arrival. Before this, Aboriginals as the original inhabitants of Australia, had spiritual beliefs based on traditions and philosophical teachings brought down by generations. After the British Fleet arrived in Australia, these beliefs were neglected and the Church of England became the predominant religion. These early influences of governing Christian based beliefs are evident in modern Australian society as Christian based holidays like Easter and Christmas continue to be celebrated on the official calendar. Furthermore, religion influences the political system when enforcing laws and also in legal practises like swearing on religious texts in court. While participation in religious activities has declined. The current process of abolishing swearing on the Bible further shows a decline in the influence of Christianity in Australian society. The extent to which religion influences Australian society varies and will be further explored.
Australian society, has been influenced by religion through migration. Before the arrival of the British First Fleet in 1788, Aboriginals and their spiritual dreamtime beliefs dominated Australian culture. Once the predominant British and Irish convicts arrived in Australia, Christian based faiths like the Church of England, Roman Catholic, Baptist, Lutheran and Methodist became the only religions approved (Green, Samuel, & Paul, 2012). Thus, the colony’s…

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