Immigration Impact On European Economy Essay

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How will Refugees affect the European Economies? According to the authors of the article ‘How will refugees affect European economies,’ immigration has brought a lot of impact in European economies. The authors assert that immigration has brought little or relatively no impact on public finances. According to the article, the OECD International Migration Outlook concludes that migration has brought no gain or drain to the public purse of the European countries. The organization asserts that the net fiscal contribution of migrants to the European economies would be increased by increasing labor participation. In addition to that, the article states that net fiscal contribution of migrants is lower than
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In recent years, illegal immigration has taken its toll in many countries. As a result, the aforementioned creates a deficit between the healthcare services provided Vis a Vis the number of patients. Illegal immigration has done more harm than good to healthcare systems in the past years. Following the introduction of the Affordable Care Act, illegal immigration issues impact on health care systems would be solved amicably. Taking the impact of immigrants to the labor markets of European markets into perspective, it is in order to note that migrants have brought more good than harm in many countries. For example, migrants from war stricken areas have flocked Germany. As a result, the migrant labor force has paid more taxes than they receive social benefits. The resultant impact is the German government has made surplus revenue from the migrants as from the year 2011(Groden, 2016).
3.Does the refugee situation influence the balance of payments? Why or why
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