The Impact Of Racism In Today's Society

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When I think of America today compared to history it has had, I think of how far we have come in ways but also digressed in. Racism has been prevalent ever since this country was founded and seems as though it’s becoming even more in today’s society. Between the unfair public policy in place, police brutality against black lives, and the increasing racial slurs against people from different ethnicities, racism is live and flourishing like never before.
I found it very alarming how in today’s society, the public policy for people of different socioeconomic status and or of a minority group is significantly different. The Smedley and Smedley article makes it very obvious that contrary what the American people believe that the health care system is improving everyone, it is still a significant problem (2005). I feel that I was too under the impression that healthcare was improving with the Civil Rights Act being emplace yet with the statistics that are given it has hardly made an impact. What makes it baffling for me is that these statistics are known but nothing has been about it. As Smedley and Smedley states “Race is a means of creating and enforcing social order, a lens through which differential opportunity and inequality are structured.” (2005, p. 24). There is nothing being done about this at least for now because people in
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I feel that this has a tremendous impact on how African American people are portrayed as being the only criminals in our society. This not only effects how everyone perceives this race but especially how the police do. This perception is confirmed by Chaney and Robertson’s article stating that black are more likely to be the victim of police brutality. Police brutality is defined as “the use of excessive physical force or verbal assault and psychological intimidation.” (Chaney & Robertson,

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