The Impact of Queen Victoria's Death on Australia Essay

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Queen Victoria's Death

Queen Victoria's reign, lasted 63 years, from 1837 to 1901. She ascended the throne of Great Britain, when she was 18. Despite being the Queen of Britain, and a very influential and prominent person, she also had an impact on Australian history. In Australia the most apparent legacy of Queen Victoria's reign is manifested in the names of the two states, Victoria and Queensland. There are also a large number of other important buildings and places, named in her honor such as, the Queen Victoria Building, in Sydney.

Victoria was loved and respected by her subjects, and Australian society at the time was affected greatly by the loss of their beloved Queen. An example of the affection and grief felt by the
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There were mixed feelings with the end of Victoria's reign. At the time Australian culture still revolved around Britain and most Australian's were either born in Britain, or had relatives residing there. Victoria was the Queen of Great Britain for such a long time period that by the time of her death no one under the age of 60 remembered another sovereign's reign. This meant that the vast majority of Australians had great sentimental attachment to Victoria, although they did not look negatively on the coming reign of Edward VII. This is supported by this quote from Encarta, "For most of her subjects, an age seemed to have come to an end, and for all the sorrowful tributes there were many people who looked forward not only to a new reign but a new future."(1).

On 9 July 1900, Queen Victoria proclaimed the Commonwealth of Australia to come into being on 1st January 1901. Federation unified Australia as a country. Both Victoria and Britain supported this, which intensified the love felt for their Queen. Australia was still very British based at the time of federation, so royal support from Britain, encouraged federation to occur. A link between the people of Australia and Queen Victoria had grown and developed during the 10 years of the federation process with the decline of radical nationalism in Australia.

In 1901, there was a real and deep affection for Queen Victoria, the

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