The Impact Of Public Library On Children 's Life Essay

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This brochure would be available at the Alamogordo Public Library in Alamogordo, New Mexico. Population of Alamogordo is 31,000, 5.4% African American, 41.8% Hispanic, 41.6% Caucasian, 1.7% Asian, and 9.3% other. The Public Library is located in North West, Alamogordo, near City Hall and Parks & Recreation Center. The families that patronize the Library are mostly lower class (28.6%) with a lesser population of upper class and middle class mixed in. The Public library has a 50.4%-49.6% female to male ratio. The majority of the Library is devoted to children, which makes up 50% membership, followed by Adults (20%), Young Adults (10%), Older Adults (10%) and Teens (10%).
The families that attend the Alamogordo Public Library are family oriented who take interest in their children’s education. Their view of education is the most important achievement in their children’s life. The most priority among readers would be well- educated parents.

Effects of a Small Private High School
Graduation day is approaching and no acceptance letters has come for Lizzie. As she begins to wonder if her test scores of 1130 SAT and 28 ACT is a good choice of her top choice University. Did her extra curriculum make a difference? Did she have enough recommendation? Lizzie asks herself was choosing a small private high school of 40 students instead of a 1,400 students public high school the best interest in her future. Lizzie dream is to become a U.S. Senator;…

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