The Impact Of Political And Governmental Forces On Community Educational Forces

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The influence of the government, Courts, and states in Education
One of the main issues in American education features on the impact of political and governmental forces on community educational forces. Although the right was mentioned in the enabling acts incorporated in various state constitutions, the states were negligent in passing the laws. Around the early1830s, the state assumed responsibility for public education, during Kennedy –Johnson era the states lost responsibility, but it was restored under Reagan and George H. Bush administration (Pulliam & Van, 2013). Clinton management advanced toward national replicas for educational standards, curricula, and assessment to fulfill the need for achieving fairness among the schools. Pulliam & Van (2013) mentioned an education bill that established national standards and testing was passed, then proceeds to congress. In January 2002, the bill became a law.
Moreover, many of our founding fathers attempted to promote a national system of education, unfortunately, they failed to do so. They feared that if communities, private families, churches, and society have the final say regarding education, the democracy has little chance of surviving (Pulliam & Van, 2013). Education was not part of the constitution when it was created. Thus, the right to create, maintain and govern schools that exist under the Tenth amendment fell to the states by default (Pulliam & Van, 2013). Even today, there is still on ongoing conflict concerning…

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