The Impact Of People 's Activities On The Environment Essay

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The Impact of People’s activities on the Environment
Every day, the environment continues to degrade due to man’s activities. Sustainability of the environment has become a long gone story. The environment is no longer as productive as it was initially. The activities of man have resulted to the condition we are in now. The population on Earth, both for man and animals, has increased. Land and other resources continually decline; in productivity and quality. The sustainability of the current and the future generations is largely compromised. Actually, if the trend as far as the environment, population and productivity are concerned continues, survival on earth will continually be shortened. This work will analyze the environmental issue. Ranging from productive to disposal activities of man, the environment continues to be engraved each day (Bekoff 12). The environment has ceased being natural to something undesirable that man, through his acts, has created. Initially, the environment was very safe for survival; there was clean water, fresh and clean air to breath, natural vegetation, existence of animal species of all kinds, just to mention a few. With time, such things have continually been compromised.
Man has created an environment, which is now unsafe for survival of all organisms. The idea of sustainability is no longer valid. Even before we think of production in the future, we need to acknowledge the fact that even in the current, production is big problem. The…

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