The Impact Of Pediatricians On Children And Adults Alike Essay

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Pediatricians are a branch of health care that focuses on children from birth to the age of 18-21. Pediatricians are more than just baby doctors, the job of a pediatrician is focused towards a developing body, therefore it is very different from the person who is 34 years old because that person is fully developed. When a baby is born, an infant has 300 bones, and an adult has 206 because of the fusion of the bones due to cartilage. A vast difference from a baby to an adult. Pediatricians are vital health care providers for children and adults alike.

The requirements to being a pediatrician of course, a pediatrician would have to be in school for at least 8 years, 4 years of college, graduate with a bachelor 's degree and after college you must attend medical school for another 4 years. After passing national exams, you are compelled to be licensed by the state, graduate medical school one must do 3 years of residency in a pediatric hospital. The work after the amount of time one is able to become a pediatrician, then it will all be worth it,the reading, the lessons, it would be worth taking care of a child in need. Although being a pediatrician requires knowledge, mind is not the only crucial factor here either. Becoming a pediatrician includes having a heart, they must be compassionate, kind, caring, joyful, playful, and respectful towards their patient. Along with this a pediatrician must be a strong communicator, they must be able to talk to their patients and…

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