The Impact Of Parents On Youth Sports Essay

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What is the Impact of Parents in Youth Sports?
I. Introductory
Every year in the United States alone, 48 million youth participate in an organized youth sport (Hirschhorn.2013.26). Parents have a crucial role in the proper development throughout their children 's life. Sport is arguably one of the most important tools used in crafting desired traits from a young age. Therefore, it is important to understand how parents impact their children 's experiences while they participate in youth sports. Due to the importance of the topic, parental involvement in youth sport has been heavily debated in recent years. A study recently done on North American parents showed that 75 percent of parents are involved with their child’s sports activities (Sage.2013.67). Parent involvement can be encouragement to play a certain sport, being a spectator at an event, or being a coach and mentor. Parents play a large role in whether children enjoy playing sports. Many children have a positive experience with sports because of the support from their parents, but many drop out largely due to their parents. Many individuals believe that the positives outweigh the negatives and vice versa. The individuals who believe the positives of sport outweigh the negatives are known to have a functionalistic perspective view on sport, whereas individuals who believe there are more negatives and that sport supports the powerful and wealthy are known to have conflict theory perspective (Sage.2013.10). During this…

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