The Impact Of Packaging On Marketing And The Environment Essay

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Chapter 2: What are impacts of packaging on marketing and the environment, marketing principles used in the creation of dairy packaging, and the insights of “green” consumer behaviours in NZ?
In this chapter, the researcher will discuss the importance of packaging in the marketing process and also its impacts on the environment. Then, the researcher will investigate the marketing principles and strategies used by experienced dairy producers in their packaging process. And lastly, an overview of “green” consumers will be given in regards to the definition and their main characteristics which are the major elements in “green” packaging decision.
2.1. The impacts of the packing on marketing processes and the environment
2.1.1. The importance of packaging in marketing
Since packaging produces a considerable effect on sales, many companies are now working on changing and innovating their packaging strategies so as to impress targeted customers as well as to increase sales and cut costs (Ashe-Edmund, n.d., n.p.g.). Good packaging can create immediate consumer recognition of the brand and play a decisive role in influencing consumer’s buying behaviour in today’s highly competitive market (Kotler & Armstrong, 2006, p.224). Innovative packaging, for instance, can create favourable benefits to consumers in terms of after purchase uses, while it also brings large profits to producers (Rundh, 2013, p.1550). Thus, packaging is considered as an important tool for companies that helps…

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