The Impact Of Overprotection Parenting On Children Essay

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It is only during the last few years that people have become generally aware that the impact of overprotection parenting issues. This scenario ‘Their Fragile Future’ captured my attention, those overprotecting parents constant drive to make everything perfect for their children, they protect their children from harm, but the way they go a bit too far. They highly structured rules, over-emphasis of academic success, overindulging and over-scheduling their children to meet their expectations. Thus the older generation has very traditional ways of parenting their children I am not surprise of the way of overprotective parenting, but I am shocked with ‘red cleaning cloth’ employed in school to protect children from seeing our nature body fluid-blood. To the best of my knowledge the overprotect parenting not only impact on children but also on parents themselves.

Overprotectiveness occurs quite often and "is a great disadvantage for the child because it keeps the child from learning to maximize his or her abilities. (Overprotectiveness should be avoided, 1993, P8). The side effect of overprotecting parenting on children is they may lose self-confidence. They will never learn to handle situations on their own. The message that overprotects parents delivered to their children is that they cannot handle challenges or difficult situations on their own, they are not capable of making the right decisions. Which will affect the children’s confidence compared to children who have…

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