The Impact Of Online Technological Advancements On The Online Marketplace

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In what ways are technological advancements in the online marketplace effecting the usage and importance of physical brick & mortar stores?
The high street throughout history has been the key to many thriving and successful towns. It’s the small local stores which sell products and services which have been the back bone to many communities in providing occupations as well as places of cultural and social value (Great British High Street, 2013). However with the rise of the internet within the 21st century, many of these services and occupations have either been replaced with websites or no longer exist as they did within the centuries before. Consumers are now taking advantage of the choice they have on the new online marketplace, this change in consumerism has been fuelled by the low costs and discounted rates websites offer (Financial Times, 2015). This research proposal plans to investigate, through qualitative methods, the effects that online technological advancements have on the use of traditional physical outlets of commerce, whilst also focussing on the ways that technology is competing with physical retail locations. The proposal will start with a literature review of the available means of online shopping and also the importance of brick and mortar stores from which research questions will be extracted. There will then be a critical analysis of data collection and the data analysis methods to be used. To conclude there will be an evaluation as towards the…

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