Essay on The Impact Of Music On The Music Industry

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Music has always been a major part of the Australian media. Homan & Mitchell (cited in Cunningham 2010, p.219) states that perhaps more than any other medium, popular music intersects with and influences the uses of other media in everyday life. Whiteoak (cited in Cunningham 2010, p. 217) points out that popular music involves the different forms of music and music making that are accessible and enjoyed by a large number of people. The paper will focus on the changing nature of content, audiences and consumption of the Australian music industry, the policies the federal government has put in place and capitalism in the music industry. According to Homan & Gibson (2007, p.61) There has been a lot of media coverage and public speculation about change in the music industry. These changes include new technologies, new agents and artists, and existing infrastructures that have been superseded by new ones.

Molteni & Ordanini (2003, p. 390) conducted a research on the music industry since it is the only field that shows the significant impact digital technologies has made on the patterns of consumption, production and distribution. Now with the availability of software that can compress sound and store it smaller files, the spread of digital communication instruments like the Internet are changing the strategy of recording companies which affect the relationships between final consumers, distributors and artists as well as the recording companies too (Molteni & Ordanini 2003,…

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