The Impact Of Mobile Phone On Social Networks Essay

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The year 1980 marks the release of the mobile phone to the public. It is important to note, however, it would be a mistake to remember it as anything less than the beginning of a grand shift in both society and in the technology itself. This paper will track the progress of the mobile phone since its release, outlining how society’s preference of the text message over the voice call shaped the technology’s functions by changing its offered services, physical design, and targeted audience, in order to place a greater focus on the text message, while also taking in account the limits that an unprepared society imposed on the phone’s early development by analysing both social and economic factors. Then this paper will evaluate the impact of the mobile phone on social networks between teenagers in terms of the formation of new connections, the behaviour of youth in public and the content of the conversations themselves, demonstrating how the technology has ameliorated communication between teens by presenting them the possibility to transcend time and join people in a communal space.

1 Beginnings of the Mobile phone
When it was released in the 1980s, cellular phones were targeted towards businesspeople for working purposes; however, it did not take long for the cell phone’s target audience to switch to the general public as a result of the emergence of text messages (Agar, 2004). The cell phone had, for other intentions, the feature of text messaging, although, at the time, it…

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