The Impact Of Minimum Wage

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Minimum wage had been a big impact in American society today. Minimum wage is an amount of money that is the least amount of money per hour that workers must be paid according to the law. Furthermore , To be fully explanatory, Minimum wage is the lowest wage paid or permitted to be paid; specifically : a wage fixed by legal authority or by contract as the least that may be paid either to employed persons generally or to a particular category of employed persons. The minimum wage is something that F.D.R. put in place a long time ago during the Great Depression. Plain and simple, Congress must act to meet the needs of our constituents. We can do that by strengthening families and increasing the minimum wage (123helpme). In Society today Minimum wage is very unacceptable from my perspective and I feel like minimum wage should be raised in ways to help families and make life easier for the ones who are at least trying to work. However, there are many reasons why minimum wage should be raised. To Begin with, According to Cap Action War Room, the idea of raising minimum wage would put more money in the pockets of hardworking Americans who work that deserves more (Cap Action …show more content…
It’s important to state up front that research and experience don’t bear that out. New York Times states,” the minimum wage has been raised many times without hurting unemployment. Employers have offset the cost of minimums through reduced labor turnovers”. States have raised the minimum wage 91 times since 1987 during periods of high unemployment, and in more than half of those instances the unemployment rate actually fell. Over 600 economists signed a letter agreeing that a minimum wage increase doesn’t hurt job creation. Another reason to raise minimum wage is because it won’t hurt job

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