The Impact Of Media On Social Media Essay

1253 Words Dec 14th, 2016 6 Pages
What is media? Media is a term derived from the Latin word medium that translates as a way of consuming, disperse communications. The media today is usually known as TV, radio, and the Internet. Social media is the preferred way to express and communicate with the majority of Millennials; this is due to the booming of technology in the last two decades. Although there’s a lot of benefits addressed to social media, like developing a “voice” to those who want to be heard and create audiences, as well as helping others to get together and create groups, and last but not least to help young people to become independent. Despite those “good” social media remarks social media can be bad for the youth, cyber bullying, the lack of communication with reality and unrealistic and usually negative standards are present in the social media every day.
One of the biggest benefits attributed to social media is, the opportunity to have a “voice” and create and audience of users with the same characteristics and interest; this is a great opportunity to those who would like to become a leader to some movement or idealism. Every day we see young people taking social media to denounce social issues. For example, the “#BlackLivesMatter” movement; this movement was initiated in the internet to protest against brutality among black and colored men and women; or “The NOH8 campaign” which mission was to promote LGBT marriage, gender and human equality. On the other hand, social media is constantly…

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