The Impact Of Media On Our Society Today Essay

1118 Words Nov 7th, 2016 5 Pages
Media plays an important role in our society today. Media is a way to convey information to the public through newspaper, television, and radio. Information can be educational or entertainment, it depends on how they portray a certain group of people. For example, an American police drama series Blue Bloods airs on CBS. The TV series is about the Reagan family of police officers in the New York Police Department. Frank Reagan, the father, is the commissioner of the NYPD and his Dad, Henry, is a retired police officer of the NYPD. Danny, the oldest son, is a detective. Frank’s only daughter Erin, is an assistant district attorney and the youngest son Jamie is a police officer of the NYPD. The media portrays the Blue Bloods as a normal family of police officers. It describes how a police officer handles his job as a protector of the citizens. They show different scenes where police officers make good and bad decisions. Even though, how busy they are, they still have time to be with their family. All Frank’s children and their family will come over to his house every weekend and have dinner as a family and they discussed work as a normal family does. Blue Bloods is a good example of how media portrays a life of a police officer because it demonstrates a reality. However, media rarely represent true and accurate information about a different group of people. Media mostly portrays the negative side of anyone in order to catch the attention of their audience. The way police…

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