The Impact Of Media On Our Lives Essay

1612 Words Dec 2nd, 2016 7 Pages
In this day and age, media play a crucial role in our lives, it is present in almost every aspect, both from what we knowingly divulge on social media to other bits of information we don’t, such as our location through GPS on phones. Colleges have started to use data and information to completely transform higher education, to allow for higher retention rates and produce higher graduation rates than recorded in history. There are also many downsides to this new technology as it invades many student’s privacy without their knowledge as it goes beyond tracking students’ performance in schools. Many oppose this new method, but there are a great many who welcome it with open arms and embrace the practice. These new technologies can improve, help, and inform a student who is struggling in college, as well as looking to grasp a footing in a new environment. Unfortunately, comes at an enormous cost, as it invades the privacy of students and does not keep the institutions accountable for the information they gather. One must ponder if this price is worth taking. Both the New York times and the Educause Review explore this conundrum in their way. The Times takes a positive tone on Big Data on campus, and the Review takes a more cautionary stance.
Across the country, universities are starting to use different algorithms to help students complete college in their preferred graduation plan. Institutions of higher education use software’s to predict how well a student will be able to…

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