The Impact Of Media On Gender Equality Essay

1532 Words Nov 18th, 2016 7 Pages
Media has become an almost constant presence in the lives of both men and women throughout American culture, especially now in the twenty first century. Media and the people who create, provide, and portray it to the public have the important role of not only entertaining and presenting current events, but also promoting gender equality. They must work towards identifying the challenges that gender equality faces, as well as formulating solutions and promoting these solutions to benefit the cause. If this is done correctly then advancements in gender equality is made, however, if they fail, which is often the case, all of the advancements we as a society have made are negated and we are left with a skewed view of gender roles and relations. Females are particularly vulnerable to the negative effects of gender inequality through gender stereotypes that are presented and perpetuated by the media, especially when it comes ads. Directv is guilty like many companies of creating sexist commercials, like their commercial entitled “Pretty” (Appendix C) in which a woman who is a marionette puppet puts on revealing clothes and dances around in an attempt to get her husband’s attention and please him after she believes he finds her unattractive. This is sexist on many levels starting with the fact that the woman is a puppet for her husband who would most likely do whatever she said because of that. Puppets are property are objects and property by depicting the women as a puppet the ad…

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