Essay on The Impact Of Media On Daily Life And Social Behavior

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Media has been so rampantly incorporated into everyday life that it is difficult for one to escape its reaches. As the power of the media grows, so does its effects on daily life and social behavior. Although some of the effects do benefit society as a whole, many do the exact opposite. One such capability of media is its ability to flood the population with a constant flow of images. In his essay, Supersaturation, or, “The Media Torrent and Disposable Feeling”, Todd Gitlin addresses the issue of the alarming speed at which media is taking over the lives of the population. In the beginning of his essay, Gitlin introduces The Concert, a portrait painted by the artist Vermeer in 1660. Gitlin uses paintings to compare two different time periods to emphasize the authority of media in the modern era. He compared the modern world with that of the 17th century. Gitlin goes on to declare that these paintings were of frozen instances captured by the artist. He believed that these instances Vermeer captured “spoke of the relative consistency in which his subjects lived.” (Gitlin 101) In the 17th century, there was regularity. Years could pass and the painting, if repainted, would remain the same. He states that now, however, the well-off population has become so unaffected by the “flow of images and sound through the household… [it] seems unremarkable” (Gitlin 102) Image after image, scandal after scandal, society is force fed so much that the element of surprise does not exist.…

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