Comic Books In The 1940's

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America was searing in the decade of 1940’s due the domination of WWII and the improvement of the American frontier. Although the WWII also referred to as the Second World War, led to many devastating news in many regions, it caused prosperity and growth in the American society culturally and socially. The United States of America was officially part of the Second World War after the bombing of Pearl Harbor by the Japanese on December 7, 1941 (Kennedy 824). The shocking attack on Pearl Harbor triggered American unity like ever before (Kennedy 825). World War II caused a long economic expansion in the omnipotent United States of America. The national economy plunged to its zenith point in the late 1940’s and continued to surge throughout the …show more content…
Comic books were quite popular and successful in the 1940’s because they provided “Exciting entertainment” and were inexpensive (Bondi 362). The 1940’s was the Golden Age of comic books and they came in different genres to accommodate different audiences (Bondi 369). The comics were available to all groups, including children, teenagers, and even adults. These comic books increased American Identity by changing the norm and leaving a long lasting legacy. The rare legacy that the comic books left was composed of freedom, energy and nostalgia (Bondi 370). Newspapers and publications gained popularity in many places in United States including the military. The term military media was at its peak in the 1940’s. Many publications, like newspapers and magazines “Sprang up in training camps, battlefronts, and strategic locations around the world” (Bondi 370). These publications were beneficial to the American people and soldiers because they continued to “keep up the morale, and propagandize the war efforts” (Bondi 370). During the war efforts, Americans were full of spirit and patriotism. To spread this nationalistic spirit, “The U.S. government egged Americans on with propaganda posters” (Lindop and Goldstein 88). Propaganda just like any other mass media is a way of communicating with the public. A common propaganda poster created during WWII was Rosie the Riveter: “We can do it”. This poster is …show more content…
The increase in advertising in 1940’s, strengthened the essential values of an American citizen. In addition to these changes, new standard like life, liberty and pursuit of happiness sprouted which immensely changed the American lifestyle. The census of 1940 shows that 82.8% of household in America had radios (Craig “How America Adopted”). Mass media and advertisement of the 1940 decade drastically improved America by providing a variety of new news and leisure sources. Comic books, advertising magazines, televisions, print cultures, posters were all forms of disclosing knowledge and remarkably transformed America culturally and socially in

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