The Impact Of Marketing Operations On Business Operations Essay

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TJs Barbershop: Operations Operations are the activities involved in the day to day functions of the business conducted for the purpose of generating profits (Business Operations, 2016). These operations should be well defined, achievable and repeatable. Operations happen every day in every business and in everybody’s life, whether you are a stay at home mom or a corporate CEO. The key to running a successful business is defining your operations properly and executing them accordingly. Most people in their everyday lives don’t define their operations, they just know that they need to wake up at a certain time to be at work or they need to make breakfast for the family. These processes are not defined on paper but people know they need to do them. In a business operations need to be defined, that way things are not forgotten about or dismissed over time. Also, operations should be reviewed to ensure you are using the most efficient operations for the given time. TJs Barbershop will be a small business solely operated by the owner. It will be a lot of work and it will require a lot of dedication, however the process will be made as easy as possible by describing the daily operations and sticking to the timelines set forth within those defined plans.
In this paper Daily Operations, Weekly Operations, Quarterly Operations and Yearly Operations will be discussed. Each set of operations has its time and place on the calendar. For TJ’s Barber Shop this…

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