The Impact Of Marketing On The Mass Media And Companies Essay

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Commercialization and marketing have shown to play an important role in the mass media and companies. First of all, chapter seven of Media in Society discusses how economics has connections with the mass media and businesses through various approaches. Subsequently, commercialization has affected the release of new products with product placement and advertising, and marketing has also influenced children and the younger generation. Video games also have shown to be an excellent source of social interaction with multi-player systems and media violence can contribute to one’s behavior and actions. Chapter seven of Media in Society focuses on how economics plays a role in the mass media and corporations. First of all, this chapter delves into the concepts of direct revenue and indirect revenue. Starting with direct revenue, this refers to the process of evaulating "directly what books, movies, or music customers prefer". (Campbell, Jensen, Gomery, Fabos & Frechette, 2014, p.177) For example, taking a look at sales for certain books, movies and music and evaluating what sells the most and what does not can help one figure out what exactly customers are interested in. Contrary to direct revenue, indirect revenue refers to what the advertisers are interested in. (Campbell et al., 2014, p.177). An example of indirect revenue would be when a company earns money from their investments, including their interest bills and money from other business connections.…

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