Essay on The Impact Of Manoj Bhargava On The World

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Do you know anyone who has truly changed the world or are trying at this very moment to change the world for all people? Well, I do his name is Manoj Bhargava he to me is truly trying to change and make a big impact on the world. He’s been researching different technologies finding ways that he can change the world for the benefit of billions of people. Manoj is trying to impact the world through his inventions, religious views, and philanthropy. Before we can begin talking about all those things lets learn about who is Manoj Bhargava before he started trying to change the world. Who is Manoj Bhargava? He is the creator of 5 hour energy the energy drink that grew to be distributed energy drink across America. Also he is the founder of the group known as Stage two innovations where they look to improve countries and people in poverty. Manoj Bhargava was born in Lucknow, India in 1952. In 1967 he moved to America when he was 14 and moved to Philadelphia Pennsylvania. He and his family living in eighty dollar beat up apartment to save money. Soon fortune came to his family they, started a plastic PVC business they then soon were able to move out. Bhargava had a a great childhood with both his mother and father. Even though he was fortunate and had money this didn’t stop him from trying to change the world. (3)
He was exceptional in mathematics, at an early age won a scholarship to Ivy League Feeder Hill School in 1972. He enrolled went to Princeton University to study…

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