The Impact Of Mainstream Media On The Media Essay

1770 Words Dec 19th, 2016 8 Pages
As of 2016, Facebook, remains the largest social media platform in the world, garnering an estimated 1.49 billion active users on a monthly basis. That means, Facebook has more monthly users than WhatsApp (500 million), Twitter (284 million), and Instagram (200 million) combined. Included on every Facebook user 's (desktop) homepage, exists an interactive sidebar containing the “Trending Topics” section. The Trending Topics section claims to share the most widely circulated stories on the social networking platform. However, this past May an unnamed source told technology news site, Gizmodo, that Facebook’s Trending Topics section had been curated by Facebook employees in order to omit conservative issues from appearing in the component. The story alarmed many conservatives and media reporters, because the articles featured in the Trending Topics section have the power to influence millions of Facebook users. After Gizmodo broke the initial story, several news outlets conducted their own research and covered the issue as well. This text will examine how mainstream media successfully equipped the public with enough information to engage in a meaningful dialog regarding the curation of Facebook Trending Topics. The language in which the Gizmodo article is written, makes the assumption that Facebook users rely on the Facebook Trending Topics section as an impartial place to gather news. This also seems to imply the idea that trending topics across the Internet are being…

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