The Impact Of Legislation On Disabled People Essay

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e rights of individuals are one of the most important issues discussed within society today. In the twenty-first century many may believe that the taboo that surrounds discrimination in the workplace is no longer. There has been a variety of legislation passed to ensure that this is abolished in terms of sex , race or disability . In this essay I will focus on the impact that legislation has had on disabled people. I will examine just how far statutory legislation goes to give protection not just within the workplace but also with regard to day-to-day life. From this, it will be necessary to justify if the Government can do anymore than they are currently doing as although the legislation may be dense and of a greater quantity than expected, if the protection offered is not one that goes so far as to offer a full safeguard then it may be seen to neglect the needs of those as in full. As with this, it is also of regard to examine the common law of London Borough of Lewisham v Malcolm and the impact that it brought with the judgement. Throughout both of these, the question will be does the law do enough for those with disability in the workplace or does the law that covers anti-discrimination need a much greater impact within society.

Throughout the years there has been a variety of different legislation passed in order to allow for disabled people to have the same amount of rights within the workplace as any able-bodied person. In order to understand just how far the…

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