The Impact Of Leadership On Small Business Essay

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Rather than working for another company, entrepreneurs are more interested in becoming their own boss and starting their own business. The rate of entrepreneurship is increasing drastically as the writers of The Future of Working would say. Branching out and starting your own business of course has its’ perks, however along with advantages comes disadvantages. With innovation and great ideas comes failure and not all ideas entrepreneurs come with are the greatest. Although the startup of a new small firm is relatively cheaper than if you were to start a large company, the work for a single person to manage is unbearable. Therefore, entrepreneurs are faced with both advantages and disadvantages when starting a small business, however the actions they decide to take will either make their business successful or a fail.
The influence of leadership on a small business is the core necessity for a small firm to achieve their long term goal. In the article The Impact of Leadership on Small Business Innovativeness written by students from Middle Tennessee State University claims that “An analysis of the responses collected from entrepreneurs indicates that leadership style, negotiation style and organizational efficacy each affect new product innovation.” By being an entrepreneur, the owner is able to manage the business to their liking meaning they can either be strict or lenient. The management style they have has a major impact on not only the employees but also the business…

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