Essay about The Impact Of Leadership On Organizational Innovation

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3.1. Introduction Leadership is critical to organizational innovation and is a dynamic concept requiring constant research and careful analysis. This research study seeks to determine the impact of leadership on organizational innovation in Nigerian banks and will adopt a simple, straightforward yet analytical approach to the study. The chapter will discuss the research design, population of the study, methodology employed in data collection and the framework used in analysing the data collected.
3.2. Research Design
This study employs the qualitative approach in examining the impact of leadership on innovation in banks. A descriptive survey research design will be used for the study, as this will enable the observation and appreciation of the different views and experiences held by the participants in relation to the research topic (Easterby-Smith, Thorpe & Jackson, 2012, pp.24).
The case study method is adopted to provide a rich opportunity to conduct detailed constructive research using multiple data sources. The study will involve the use of questionnaires and in-depth semi-structured interviews with open-ended questions to lead participants to answer confidently and express their own views and experiences. The data used will basically be information extracted from the in-depth interviews held with twenty participants selected based on their leadership roles in the case study banks and their ability to correctly articulate responses to the…

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