Essay on The Impact Of Iom Report On The Future Of Nursing

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The Impact of IOM report on the future of nursing Institute of Medicine was tasked with submitting a report consisting recommendations and a blue print for the future of nursing. “The Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health” (IOM, 2010) was published at the time when Affordable Care Act(ACA) was signed by the President in March 2010. 32million more Americans will be provided with insurance in future as a result of ACA. It will be a challenge to keep a high quality health care while accommodating the new demands. The report in detail study the roles nursing can assume to meet the increasing demand for high quality, effective and safe health care services. This report also talk about how the nursing profession could exploit these opportunities and help in building a health care system to meet the demand for quality, safe, patient centered, affordable and accessible care, while recognizing the limitations and demands of the current health care system. The committee also envision a future system that will make quality care accessible to the diverse population of United States.
The nursing profession must undergo a fundamental transformation if the committee’s vision for health care is to be realized. The ways the nurses were educated and practiced in last century are not adequate to deal with the needs of current health care demands. Outdated policies, regulations, attitudes and habits will restrict the innovations…

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