The Impact Of Internet On The Internet Essay

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Writing Assignment 1
The widespread access to the Internet has drastically changed the way the world operates and because of this the majority of day to day operations take place over large networks. Therefore, the access allows for these operations to occur at increasing speeds which leads to higher productivity. Although these networks provide convenience for companies and their customers a constant concern which remains will be how to protect the information. Due to rise in traffic on these networks, the compromise of networks has also increased which raises the concerns of how the information will be protected in the future. Another way to define a compromise is known as hacking which is the task of taking over a targeted network with the use of computers or other mobile devices. With hacking results gaining unauthorized access to networks and the information which is contained in them. For that reason, there has been an increase in protecting this information by companies. A response to these threats is the growth of the network security which focuses on keeping unauthorized users out and protected information so that productivity can be conducted with minimum interruption. Therefore, the sub field in the IT sector, information security analysis focuses on the monitoring and preventing of future attacks and if the attacks are successful the information security analysts will help to examine the attacks, repair the damage, and get the systems back…

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