The Impact Of Internet On Society And Technology Essay examples

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In the digital age, Snapchat is an example of a “new” medium that has an impact on society and technology. The immediacy of Snapchat has created a new social platform for users to communicate, send pictures and even video call in seconds. Snapchat was created in 2011, with the ghost as their logo. This ghost symbol is based off the concept “there, then gone”, in terms of photo sharing, but quickly became much more than just that (Drake, 1). The public’s desire for an application that allowed photos to disappear was the main force behind Evan Spiegel and his co-founders trying out their new app. Once the public had access to the app, the founders had immediate success, which can be seen as a way in which societal desires effect how new media is created. Snapchat is an example of new media that has changed the way we consume content. Snapchat was created on the idea of sending and sharing pictures which then turned into the addition of videos and now five years later, not only can users send and share photos or videos of up to ten seconds, but Snapchat has released many other features. These features include; screenshots of videos and pictures (once a day), many filters and stickers, Snapchat stories for all friends to view, geotagged stories from different parts of the world, published stories of various news sources, personal chatting and more recently personal video calling. All of these features of Snapchat make the medium a new medium as the app could be one to many, one…

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