Essay on The Impact Of Internet On Social Media

1470 Words Jun 2nd, 2016 null Page
Indeed, the popularity of websites communication among people has grown over the years, and more people are using Internet communication that is easier and faster to connect people. Websites online (i.e. social media) have been instrumental in global communication. The impacts are significant and have helped to bring people and different cultures together who otherwise would never be able to interact with each other.
However, the research aims to investigate the impact of people using websites to communicate. The study focuses on different research methods to conduct the findings.

In fact people are using different kinds of websites to communicate, these websites are empowering by the Internet content and application that allow users to create and distribute information. For example, websites such as YouTube, MySpace and Wikipedia provide platforms for so-called users generated content (UGC) to publish information and make comment and also share photographs and videos. The article highlighted the importance of User Generated Content impact in creating news for news organization. How users can add opinion on blog, which are links to major external websites own by United Kingdom best selling news organization. This shows that people are no longer just a consumer of news but an active participant in creating news as well. However, Journalists can edit the stories send by users before publishing the story on their websites. The platforms are able to generate news in a…

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