The Impact of Information Technology on Hr Management: Opportunities and Challenges

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The Impact of Information Technology on HR Management: Opportunities and Challenges


Information technology is advancing at an alarming rate across different fields and practices. One major area of concern is how information technology is developing in the HR management practice. Based on the works of Ball (2005), technology in the human resource management, IT has been very important in all the practices. In fact, it is realized that the development of technology has advanced a great revolution and change in the HR management field. Basically, there are opportunities and challenges that come along with the advancing technologies in the HR management practice. These are the main points of
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It is also synonymously argued in the works of Ball (2005) who found out that organizations used to spend huge resources including human resource and financial capital in performance monitoring. The reason for this is, the companies mostly relied upon individual supervisors within the workplace to monitor daily performances of the employees. In such a context, Bondarouk (2008) observed that the monitoring process has to be slow and ineffective because of the fatigue among the supervisors and their inability to handle the huge number of employees. However, Bondarouk (2008) further noted that modern technologies including CCTV cameras and other monitoring devices have been available for major organizations to ease the monitoring tasks. As Ruel and Bondarouk (2008) explained it, a single supervisor can monitor a huge number of employees within a defined workplace within the walls of a locked office. This is facilitated through the use of CCTV cameras, computers, and advanced audio systems, which have been dominant in the IT market.

Based on the works of Ball (2005) such ease in monitoring is a huge opportunity among organizations to reduce the costs involved and the energy. It is also a huge opportunity to ease decision making in promotions and rewards, which are key decisions in motivating the employees and improving performance. From the perspective of Broderick

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