The Impact Of Information Technology On The Workplace Essays

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Information technology is a rapidly growing industry, providing an integral role in todays faced paced work environment. I learned much more from our guest speakers than I expected from our surprisingly brief interactions. I was interested in how the speakers interacted with customers and clients, how they dealt with management in the workplace, managing personal life and work life, general responsibilities on the job, and arguably the most important – landing a job that they enjoy. Dealing with customers was always something I personally felt would be the most difficult part of the IT process. Brady telling the class that “for the most part clients are pretty chill, if you are nice to them they’ll probably be nice to you” was probably the quickest thing to put me at ease. I’m already pretty used to working with clients in customer service, but some of them are just incredibly upset and unruly, and I was pretty concerned that customers that had work due or things to turn in may actually be worse than I was used to. Brady made it seem like customer or client interactions are one of the easier parts of the job, since it just comes down to your general attitude towards the customer, and the job as a whole. Customer interactions were something that I was actually very concerned about, but after hearing the speakers I strongly believe it is something that I will come to enjoy as well. Management in the workplace is not something that I have had an issue with in the past, but I…

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