18th And 19th Century: Industrialization Analysis

The industrial Revolution was a period between the 18th and 19th centuries which changed the way the world produced goods. (shultz 2014) Before the Industrial Revolution manufacturing relied heavily on the use of people for all things that needed to be manufactured. Industrialization brought on the use of technology, powered tool and machines to assist with the mass production of items typically prepared and produced by and family owned businesses. Transportation and communication were broadened which in turn gave people a chance to travel for jobs and be in the know as to where job are located. Though jobs became more plentiful; this did negate the issues that the poor and class faced. The poor were expected to do jobs as cleaning and operating …show more content…
The middle class was made up people who at one time were considered working class, but now have profited from the work that Industrialism has provided.
2. The early middle class was created when factory managers, merchants, and shippers became wealthy from the huge production from the industries.

Larger Cities:
1. Before industrialization most people lived on farms with their families, industrialization changed this with the building of large factories and cities that provided both better housing and jobs for individuals seeking a better life.
2. Larger cities also allowed for people who would normally feel trapped in their mundane life a sense of freedom and provide monies for extended family that were unwilling or unable to make the move from their farm life.

1. Economically industrialization provided goods and other items on large scales, since machines were now being used to produce these items.
2. Economically industrialization transportation was also built which built a better for goods to be transported between the newly built cities. This assisted in providing a variety of items to people in different places. This was a foreign idea in the past since goods were mainly produced and procured

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