The Impact Of Immigration On The United States Essay example

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This annotated bibliography is designed to give readers a comprehensive indication of readings regarding the “The effect Immigration has on the United States.” In recent times, majorly because of the presidential election there has been a lot of discussion on the subject of immigration. And so, I used various sources from journals, books, blogs and T.V. interviews to get information from a broad range and an insight of different perspectives about the subject of the impact immigration causes.
Card, David. "Is the New Immigration Really So Bad?" The Economic Journal 115.507 (2005): F300-323. The National Bureau of Economic Research. Blackwell Publishers. 13 Nov. 2016.
David Card writing for The Economic Journal acknowledges how in the recent times the public opinion on immigrants has shifted. And even though they were viewed in a positive light during the late 1970s, as an impact of various researches conducted; in some of which it was revealed that immigrants earn as much as natives do, despite of their lack of education; earned immigrants some bad reputation. He points out that this animosity towards immigrants increased during 1965 because of the ‘Immigration Reform Act’ which attributed to the drastic increase in number of immigrants in U.S. Card brings up two main arguments in the paper. One of them being the impact of immigration on labor market opportunities for natives and the other one questioning the relative success of immigrants in contributing towards domestic…

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