Essay about The Impact Of Immigration On The United States

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America originated by non-white people who’s establishment was in the lands of Florida.
Christopher Columbus and his counterparts took the lands and they claimed the discovery of The New World (Castillo 2006). As time lapse, the idea of driving people out of free land persists, perhaps because Americans do not want to change the national identity, even though America was founded by immigrants. Today, immigrants take on the jobs that most Americans would probably not consider in order to build a better future for their future generation. More specifical- ly, the Latino community have been the main target for deportation. As the news and television cover the presidential elections coming up, more and more people are desperate for voting to start. Throughout the last fifteen years, the academic discourse among scholars on the topic of immigration has remained constant in its focus on how immigration negatively impacts the Unit- ed States economy and society in such a way that will drive America to lose the “crown jewel”(Martin 2002), that is agricultural production. (Word Count 172)
According to the articles written within the fifteen year span, the topic of immigration have worried many people of the United States. One reason could be that Americans are afraid that if immigrants come to the United States, they would take American jobs. On the contrary, in 2002 Martin states that immigrants come to the United States and “look[ed] to agriculture for jobs, not careers” (Martin…

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